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ぼくは今、アンナプルナ ベイスキャンプにいるよ。
みんなからおくってもらった しゃしんを たいせつにもって、とりました。
ここまで のぼれたのも、みんなのおかげだよ!
どうも ありがとう(^v^)




今日、ポクラの ゆうびんきょくにいきました。 そしたら てがみが にまいとどいていました。なかみをみたら、みんあからのメセジがかいてありました。 どもありがとうございました。

Today we went to the post office where I had sent Julian’s Poste Restante letters. It was small, there were only three people behind the counter and one customer being served. We were ignored for a few minutes but eventually a young woman gestured us forward. For most of our conversation she thought I wanted to send something to Japan not collect something from Japan. She went and spoke to an older man who just waved his hand and said a few gruff words. The upshot was we were in the wrong post office and so the woman showed us on a map where the real post office was. And guess what, it’s right by our hotel and our 10 minute taxi ride (with the usual mix of hooting and near death experiences) across town was for nothing! We found the second post office and after our second confusing conversation of the day with a young Nepalese woman were directed to a huge building across the road which had barbed wire all around it! They must take the security of frivalous letters from Japan very seriously. Five minutes later we emerged clutching the two envelopes and recorded the short film. We were both amazed that the parcels had made it to Pokhara and that they hadn’t been too difficult to find. Then we headed off to find somewhere to eat a late breakfast.

どこに いきますか?


はじめて がいこくに いきますか?
ちがいます。ぼくは、イギリスに 4かい いったことがあります。


いつ いきますか?


ネパールに どのくらい いますか?


どこのまちに いくつもりですか?
ぼくたちは、カトマンズ と ポクラにいきます。  


どのハイキングコースを いくつもりですか?


どのくらい たかい やまですか?


どのくらいで、ちょうじょうに つきますか?


にほんの なにがこいしい(やりたい、ほしい、さみしい)ですか?


なにを もっていきますか?


にほんにかえったら、さいしょに なにを やりたいですか?