for Suzumi et al

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Kathmandu / カトマンズ

A slice of Kathmandu night life!

  1. Suzumi says:

    Wow!!!! I was surprised to listen this song, because I often listen this.🎵.
    Even if anyone listens wherever, famous tune is a famous tune, isn’t it!?🎸

    Genta is having a live concert at the Fuzinomiya City Center now.
    We will enjoy this video tonight.😄
    Thank you very much!

    By the way, did you enjoy drinking beer there?🍺

  2. YODA says:

    I’m very impressed – you planned the trip well and made better use of the latest technology than Sir Edmund did.It was also an exciting adventure to read about in serialized form.
    Although you didn’t find the yetis (who were holidaying in Japan at he time) you did find the missing legendary month of November, sometimes finding a whole week at a time. New Forest Calendars have no excuse now! However there still appear to be some days in November, especially those at the end of the month, which were not mentioned and have not been recorded anywhere. Perhaps they will turn up later?

    • Andy B says:

      Stay tuned for more wise words about the yeti. But I think we can lay to rest the myth that there’s no November this year. There is/was and it is/was jolly cold. Perhaps Nik can confirm that November happened in the New Forest if he can drag himself away from his Christmas presents!

  3. don belbin says:

    How could you subject your father to 4 minutes of such a discord? What have I done to upset you? I may have to cancel your inheritance! It is still well done on your achievement. When I was there last week the Yetties were sighted in Portugal, or was that Richard and Kim. love Dad/Grandad

    • Andy B says:

      That was Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, Dad! Classic British rock band and one of the most famous songs of all time. No? Well, maybe it was before your time. Do I still get my share of the hundred quid?!?

  4. Joe says:

    Simply Epic my friend! We all are awaiting your return! Get home safe!

  5. Suzumi says:

    We are studying English conversation with Tomoko, Suzumi, Sachiko, and Mitsuko at Tomoko’s

    house. Now we watched your website. You two did a good job!!

    We are looking forward to hearing your stories.

    Could you find Yeti ? !

    From Sachiko Tomoko Suzumi Mitsuko.

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