Photos from ABC, part one

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Photos, Trekking / トレッキング, Videos / ビデオ

We woke up early, excited about seeing the sunrise but it was cloudy.  During the night the temperature inside our room had been minus 6 degrees.

Julian decided to undertake a serious scientific experiment on climate change.

Golden Annapurna III

The result of Julian’s scientific experiment!

Julian played with some Japanese men we met.  The video then looks down into the glacier before panning round to where Annapurna I should be!!

Looking down into the South Annapurna Glacier.

Looking across the glacier at the valley wall opposite.

  1. don belbin says:

    Sitting here in my warm house I am suddenly feeling very cold having watched all those pictures of the snow. I liked Julian’s scientific experiment – how much did you have to pay him?

    love Dad/Grandad

  2. Joe says:

    Man that really looks cold! Are those Prayer Flags in the third photo? Really like that shot with the mountain in back and all!

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