• Expedition leader,
  • Second back-up porter,
  • Beers consumed counter and,
  • All round feel good person.
Julian will handle communications with any Japanese people.  He will also take the lead in all communications with any Yetis met – hopefully they will speak Japanese ‘cos nobody else bloody does!
In his 9 years Julian has travelled to England 4 times; in fact, Julian flew on an aeroplane before he rode on a bus and the first train he ever went on was the Bullet Train to Narita (Tokyo) Airport.  He has ridden a horse twice and both times horse and rider parted on amicable terms.  In July 2011, Julian climbed Mount Fuji with Andy showing few signs of being affected by the altitude and finishing the last leg much stronger than his father.  This was an important test and the green light that was necessary for the Nepal trip.  
Julian will consider this trip a resounding success if he can find any ice cream safe to eat.