• The Voice of Reason,
  • The Hand of Moderation,
  • The Great High Priestess of the Credit Card
Kayo’s idea of a good holiday is a direct flight and an airport limousine to a 5 star hotel in a G8 country – preferably a Japanese or English-speaking one.  When asked if she wanted to go hiking in Nepal, Kayo was polite enough to give the idea some thought for at least half a second before giving the Japanese equivalent of “Never, never, never!  Not in a month of Sundays!  Not if my life depended on it!  Not even if you were Brad Pitt or Bae Yong-joon!”  Since this outburst the matter has not been raised again and Andy has spent a considerable amount of time trying to find out who Bae Yong-joon is.    
Kayo will consider this trip a resounding success if she doesn’t receive too many late night telephone calls from the British Embassy in Kathmandu.