This page is for you to leave general messages of support, encouragement or incredulity.  Any advice would be gratefully received especially with regard to porters, mountain rescue associations and psychologists.  Once the posts on the blog start there will be further chances to comment.
  1. Tom in Melton Mowbray says:

    This sounds like a fantastic idea! I hope you have a really good time. Good luck to you both ; especially with finding yetis and ‘safe’ ice cream. I look forward to reading your posts over the coming two months.

  2. John in Tokyo says:

    Sounds scarey man. Hope it all goes well. Can’t wait to see the photos. While you’re looking for Yetis, keep an eye out for Elvis! I heard they’re roommates!

  3. George in Bournemouth says:

    Wonderful plan and an interesting website. I like the Sir Rutherford Alcock story. Sounds like the archetypal English gentleman who has trouble doing his own shoe laces up but astounds everyone with his brilliance at the end. A shame we have to wait until November for the next instalment!?!?!. Good luck to you both and don’t forget your warm hats!

  4. Paul in London says:

    Good luck to you both. I’m sure you’re going to have a wonderful time and make some great memories. Don’t spend too much time fiddling with this blog. Just get out there and enjoy it!

  5. Rich B in CI says:

    Mmmm me thinks Andy met a Yeti sometime ago – seen him first thing in the morning and he has got Big Feet …..

  6. Yoko in Fuji says:


  7. Robert French of the Parish of Twickenham Common, Middlesex, England says:

    Good luck to you both. I’ve found you some advice on porters, although I fear it may be rather tricky finding these where you are going…

    On a recent trip to the Lake District I went to a very interesting talk by Cockermouth Mountain Rescue, although I fear it might be a little tricky to coax them to Nepal.

    Otherwise I recommend taking a towel, I mean if Douglas Adams advises it how can it be a bad idea? And perhaps some sort of pre-reading along the lines of “What to do if a Yeti is about to violently maul you and you discover you’re the slowest runner in the group?”

    • Andy B says:

      Thanks for the link Robert, but I’m after a different kind of Porter for a change.
      A towel? I hadn’t planned on washing much in the next 30 days.
      Me thinks you fear too much; the world is not as dangerous as The Daily Mail would have you believe!
      I think the procedure when being chased by a yeti is to throw the nearest child at it. Why do you think I’m taking Julian along!

  8. いけの たいしん says:




    • Andy B says:


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