Still nearly ready

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Pokhara / ポカラ

It’s 10pm now and Julian is snoring peacefully while I finish dividing our belongings. We both had showers tonight; I’m not sure when I’ll be able to say that again. The rain is hammering down outside and Hum Raj admitted tonight that he has not known a November like this. But we have to start tomorrow to keep to our Nepal schedule. Despite the weather, this trek is something that we both really want to do. In the few days that we’ve been on holiday we have had a lot of fun moments as we have bimbled along. However far we get towards Annapurna Base Camp and whatever happens I consider this trip a success and have no regrets. If only it would stop raining…

  1. kayo in Fuji says:

    いよいよ トレッキングだね!
    MummyもLiamも 心が わくわく ドキドキ しちゃうよ!
    すばらしい しぜんを いっぱい見て、いっぱい たのしんできてね!
    たいへんで、くるしいときは、みんな おうえんしていることを
    ひとまわりも ふたまわりも つよく たくましいJulianになって
    かえってきてね!たのしみに しています。
    だいすきだよ、Julian! がんばれ、Julian!
    I Love you,Darling…..

    だいちゅきだよ~、Daddy! がんばってね~!
    り~ちゃん より(*^v^*)

  2. Community Eikaiwa Wed Night Class. says:

    Hey there Andy and Julian! Hope the hiking is treating you well! We’ve got a few more questions for the both of you:

    Toshio: Did you drink beer in Nepal?
    Koji: How far do you walk in one day?
    Masumi: Is Nepal safe or dangerous?
    Michiyo: How cold is it in Nepal?
    Joe: What’s the best food you’ve tried so far?

    As always travel safe!

    • Andy B says:

      Hi Everyone
      Toshio: Yes, I did drink beer here. The beers are all lager like Japanese beer. There is a beer called Everest which is nice. I didn’t drink any beer while we were trekking; I didn’t think that was a good idea. But now we are back in Pokhara I can drink again!!!
      Koji: I don’t know how far the Annapurna Base Camp trek is. But the highest point is 4,130m. Somedays we climbed 900 or 1,000 metres but other days we only climbed 400m. We usually walked for about 6 or 7 hours a day.
      Masumi: Nepal is a very safe country. The people are very friendly and everyone has been very kind to us. However, the roads are very dangerous. The bus and taxi drivers are terrible. I’m sure there are many accidents but so far we have been lucky.
      Michiyo: In Pokhara today it is sunny and warm but when we were trekking it was very cold. At the highest point, at night in our room, the temperature was minus 6 degrees!! We were wearing all our clothes in our sleeping bags under a blanket and we were still cold!
      Joe: The trekking food is Dal Baht which is a vegetable curry and rice. It’s OK but can be a bit spicy. The lodges also served pizza, spaghetti and noodles so a good variety. BUT there was no meat in the mountains. Not even chicken. So the first meal we had back last night was steak!! Yummy, Yummy!

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