The Cat’s out of the Bag

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Preparations / じゅんび

I’ve just sent an email to almost everyone in my address book telling them about Julian’s and my trip to Nepal and the address of this blog.  So the cat is well and truly out of the bag and there’s no turning back now.  I suppose I had better start looking for my passport…. and Julian’s!

  1. ok says:

    ARE YOU EXPECTING A TSUNAMI OR SOMETHING? Should be relatively safe up there.
    While you are there could you retrieve my flag for me -I left it on the top of Heverest. Please allow 12 hours extra for this journey.
    Nice picture of you in your radiation suit.
    You should try using cornhish time -we have 12 pictures but no numbers or words under them. How will we know when it is November? I am concerned about the effects of this on the Nhew Fhoresth.
    good luck,
    a timelord.

  2. Yudi Itey says:

    I am arranging an expedition down the mountain to the Common Human Being Nanna Burner Base Camp to look for the elusive bearded-half-British-half-Japanese-human-being, to prove that they exist. There are rumours that the very rare young unbearded version may be found, possibly near the ice-cream hut. If we find him we will bring him back with us for dinner.
    If you are a yeti or have similar tendancies contact me at Elusive Towers, Behind the second invisible peak, South Everest. Remember to pack a spare skin in case of rain, woolly socks, anti-photographic reflective devices and a fake footprint on a stick.
    The trip will start on 1st December, which as you all know if you live near the calendar shop, is the day after 31st October.
    If you have received this message and you are not a yeti, please ignore it. It must be due to a problem with my spam fritters.

    • Andy B says:

      Thank you Yudi Itey for your …… unusual comment! The next time you’re at the doctors, I suggest you ask him to increase the dose on your pills.

      That aside, Yes, I think the best way to catch the young unbeared-half-British-half-Japanese-human-being-type-monster is to dangle some ice cream above a net. The way to catch the parent is to place a sign saying “free beer” next to a prison van. I’ve heard this works for most of the adult population of England. Good luck with your Yeti Convention. On Japanese TV this week it was reported that “experts” are 95% sure that the Yeti does indeed exist. So we’re off to find the other 5%!

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