No Gain without Pain

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Preparations / じゅんび

Yesterday Julian and I went to the local doctor for the first in a series of inoculations.  We looked at the menu and I chose this season’s influenza jab and Julian chose Japanese Encephalitis; well, he’s had one or two of those before and really liked them.  Next week we’re going back for more and at that time we will probably try something exotic such as Hepatitis A.  Oh what fun!  Unfortunately, these little pricks don’t come cheap.  Hepatitis A will cost us 8,000 yen each which is about 65 pounds.  I asked if we could have one syringe and share it but the ideas was lost in translation.  So if nothing else, our local doctor is going to do very well out of our yeti seeking trip!

(I could attach photos but the images would be too disturbing for most people what with all the blood, tears and screaming.  Julian took it all in his stride though.)

  1. Robert French of the Parish of Twickenham Common, Middlesex, England says:

    I can think of one-and-a-third good things to do with 8000 yen.

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