Poste Restante

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Preparations / じゅんび

Today Julian and I started a small experiment.  We sent an envelope with Julian’s name on it to the main post office in Pokhara and marked it Poste Restante.  This means that the post office should keep hold of it until Julian comes to collect it.  We’ve tried using this system before from Japan to the main post office in Trafalgar Square a few years ago!  That time it worked though the queue in London was rather long it being a lunchtime and all.  We picked up the envelope and then promptly sent it back to our flat in Japan.  We’re hoping to do the same with this envelope to Nepal.

What’s inside the envelope, Andy?  I don’t know!  We left a piece of card with the children in Julian’s English class and asked them to write some messages for Julian and I.  They sealed the envelope and then Julian and I went to the post office.  So hopefully we will have a nice surprise when we do find it.  I read somewhere that it will take a month to arrive at the post office; I’m not quite sure whether the delay will be at the Japan or Nepal end but I have my suspicions.  So we will check at the post office before our trek to Annapurna Base Camp and, if we can’t find it, we will check back two weeks later when we return from the trek.  Some people might find this all a bit anoraky but those are the same people who are in danger of falling off my Christmas card list this year.  Comment on this post at your peril!!!

  1. Paul in London says:

    Choosing my words very carefully, I would have to say that this idea is …. remarkable! Do I still get my Christmas card?

  2. Machiko in Fuji says:

    おもしろいアイディアですね!Julianもネパールで このおてがみを うけとれたら、きっとうれしいでしょうね!ちゃんとネパールにつきますように・・・!

  3. Kenji in Fujinomiya says:

    ドキドキ、ワクワクしますね!Julianくんは、お父さんと いろいろなけいけんができて、しあわせものですね!ぼくもむすこがいたら、ネパールを トレッキングしてみたいな。お父さんと いっぱい いいおもいでを たくさんつくるんだよ!がんばれよ!

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