Pokhara Night Scene

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Pokhara / ポカラ, Videos / ビデオ


  1. don belbin says:

    Your night scene looked very quiet on the street. Was this a side strreet?
    Any fireworks organised for the 5th? Perhaps some sparklers!

    love Dad/Grandad

    • Andy B says:

      This is Pokhara main street! There were battered little taxis, shiny motorbikes, trucks and large coaches carrying more trekkers passing all the time. The local coaches are packed with about three people to a seat and some hanging out of the windows.
      I took this video from a first floor open restaurant. The road was full of similar restaurants plus souvenir shops, trekking shops, Internet cafes, tour agencies and barbers! (of the haircutting kind not the Ali kind). So, this was a pretty busy place and in the foreground are a group of modern hippies playing simple instruments. Our table was a great place to watch the world go passed.

  2. Suzumi says:

    Wow! I’m interested in the local music!
    Did you see some drums , flutes , and stringed instruments like a guitar?
    I felt it’ a sound of Japanese local autumn festival(^O^☆♪

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