Pokhara Weather Report

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Pokhara / ポカラ

Somewhere else on this blog I said that November is the dry season in Nepal and the weather is beautiful with blue skies. Well, I was wrong. Since we arrived the weather has been cloudy and during the nights it has rained heavily. This has repercussions if you’re trying to run your gear on solar power. The solar panel was in our window for two days but barely charged the battery halfway. In desperation I therefore tried something a bit risky last night. I have another spare battery for the iPhone which can be charged from the wall and then clipped onto the base of the phone. Using an array of adaptors and cables I plugged this into the Nepalese electrical system and stood well back. I don’t now much about volts and amps but I expected one of several things to happen. Either there would be sparks, smoke and the hotel would burn down or the battery would be charged nicely or nothing would happen. I, and the hotel manager, are pleased to report that the battery charged nicely. This means that I can charge all our batteries and the iPhone in this way and we don’t have to rely on the sun at all …. until we get into the mountains. So I can type away to my heart”s content or until Julian complains that he’s hungry again. Which will probably be quite soon…


  1. don belbin says:

    Your technical skills or lack of them continue to amaze. Well done with the power charge.
    In Bournemouth the weather is still quite warm for the time of the year, but with quite heavy showers.
    However it should be dry for tonights fireworks. I hope you are receiving my comments as I don’t
    really know what I am doing. I expect that your responce would be “that’s normal”.

    love Dad/Grandad.

    • Andy B says:

      Yes, receiving you loud and clear. Enjoy Bonfire Night. Nothing’s planned at this end; I think it would take too long to explain to the locals about Guy Fawkes.

  2. Rob/Bobby-chan says:

    We’ll do our bit for Remember, remember the fifth of November! for you. Luckily for you Guy Fawkes doesn’t seem to be in my area, so I won’t be bombarding you with endless trivia. Today’s walk in London featured dissenters and non-conformists – my stop was Bunhill Fields and John Bunyan – at various times tinker, dreadful swearer and preacher imprisoned for unlicensed preaching for around 15 years of his life after the Restoration. Hope the trip continues well!

  3. Suzumi says:

    Hi, Andy and Julian!
    How’s the weather today?
    The day before yesterday, I read the BBC News about the weather.
    It said , about 2000 trekkers are stranded because of the bad weather in Nepal.
    I’m anxious about the weather.

    Today, it’s rainy day in Fuji city ,too….

    • Andy B says:

      The weather last night was cloudy but this morning it’s a bit sunny. Those people stranded are waiting for flights from a small airstrip to Kathmandu but at the moment planes can’t land or take off from that remote place. We won’t need to fly anywhere for our trek so don’t worry about that. But of course we want fine weather for our trek and to see the mountains.

  4. Joe says:


    Love the Keyboard!! How are the wireless connections treating you over there? Glad to see you guys are dry despite the downpours! Tell Julian I said hello and he’ll have to teach me how to play that Star Wars game! Hope you guy stay safe, positive and enjoy every moment of your journey even the bad ones! Take care!

    • Andy B says:

      Our fairly budget hotel has wi-fi throughout including the garden. There are a few blackspots and sometimes it’s a bit inexplicably slow but I can’t complain. Many of the restaurants in town also have free wi-fi so I can check my email while enjoying a cool beer in an open bar watching the world pass by below. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I lost my passport and couldn’t get back home!!

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