International Mountain Museum

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Pokhara / ポカラ

Julian and I woke up early today and got into a taxi at around 9:30. Our first destination was the International Mountain Museum which I thought sounded rather odd because mountains are quite big and best viewed outside. But it is a very modern museum and has many displays about all the mountains of the world over 8,000 metres; most of which are in Nepal. There was information on how the mountains are formed, rock formations and fossils (yes, you can find fossils on Mount Everest!). There were also exhibits on the different people in the various areas of the Himalaya. The next section was about famous climbers with artefacts donated by the climbers and their families. There was a whole section devoted to Hillary and Tenzing but what caught my eye was a display case for Maurice Herzog. Not only did it have the same photograph which I used on another page of this blog but it also had the same jacket on display that he was wearing when the photo was taken and when he climbed Annapurna I. That brought history to life.

Japan has played a greater part than most countries in the exploration of the Himalaya. There was a display about Junko Tabei, Japan’s greatest female mountaineer and Ken Noguchi, a modern-day mountaineer who has lead expeditions to clear up all the rubbish that has been left on Mount Everest over the years. There is tonnes of rubbish up there including oxygen cylinders, camping gas cylinders, other camping equipment and … corpses.

Finally there was some information on Yetis. We’re getting closer!





  1. Yudi Itey says:

    well done –
    you’ve found the tale of the Yeti. I don’t think they have tails, but it is worth following it and seeing what it is attached to. Don’t pull too hard.
    Stephen Speilberg is not a yeti. I think he is a red herring (delicious with butter and rice). Try a few bars of the Close Encounters theme tune.
    I’m off to the New Forest to see which month they are using and\or to see what December holds for the rest of us.

    • Andy B says:

      Yetis don’t have tails? You sound like an expert, Yudi. We need more men of your caliber on this expedition. Good luck with the whole New Forest month of the year quest. I think you’ve got your work cut out for you there. Does Stephen Spielberg have a brother, by any chance?

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